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We have established a unique and effective way to schedule our boats for Spring Launch and Fall Haul-Out. The new process will treat each boater fairly and ultimately exceed your expectations.

The Main Events and Contracts

The Spring Launch and Fall Haul-Out are kicked-off with events in March and August, respectively. This is the first opportunity for you to turn in your contracts and choose one of the six weeks you would like your boat launched or hauled-out. The contracts are numbered as you arrive at the event, and this number becomes your overall seniority for the launch or haul-out of your boat. After the event, the contracts are separated by the week requested, and you are placed on the schedule in contract order.

The events are fun social gatherings. Generally, over one hundred of our boaters attend each event. You'll enjoy a continental breakfast and drawings for prizes throughout the morning. There is also a prize awarded to the first boater to turn in their contract. This leads to some interesting competition. Although the doors do not open until 8 AM, boaters are waiting as early as 5:30 AM to claim their prize.


The next part of our process is what really sets us apart. On the Wednesday prior to each week of the schedule, Rick Chapman, our General Manager, calls each boater (in contract order) to schedule the actual day and time for the launch or haul out of your boat. The first boater has their choice of forty time slots during their week, and the last boater gets the last time slot available for that week. Although this scheduling system is not always convenient for the operation of the marina, it shows a level of customer service and commitment not found everywhere.

Our Spring Launch and Fall Haul-Out process is just one of the ways we try to exceed your expectations.

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2019 Spring Launch Schedule

View the spring launch schedule


Sunnyside Marina Shrink Wrap Recycling Program

The best way for our boaters to help with this recycling process is to allow the company that shrink wrapped your boat to unwrap the boat for you. There is no charge for this service. Please feel free to call them to schedule your boat to be unwrapped. If they do not hear from you they will unwrap your boat according to our week by week launch schedule. They will have your boat unwrapped sometime during the week prior to your launch week.

If you do unwrap your own boat (not recommended), place the shrink wrap under your boat and your shrink wrap provider will move it to the recycling trailer. Please remember that all strapping, tape, doors, and support structure must be removed from the shrink wrap before it can be placed in the trailer. If any of these items are present the recyclers will not accept our shipment for recycling. Instead of being recycled, the entire load ends up in a landfill. Please do not place shrink wrap in our dumpsters.

The Boat Doctor (Dominic) 612-309-8702
JL Boatworks (Jason) 651-260-2788