Slips for Rent

Sunnyside Marina has a wide variety of slips available each summer season. Our slip rental program is designed to meet individual needs. We offer a complete package and a basic rental with the option to pay for slip services separately. All slip rentals include:

  • Shower
  • Laundry facility
  • Picnic areas with gas grills
  • $.40 per gallon fuel discount
  • Discounted rate on service labor
  • Private launch ramp
  • Member lounge
  • Business center
  • Monthly newsletter

Slip Rental: $215 per slip foot
Tie Along Rental: $185 per boat foot

Includes spring launch, summer dockage, fall haul-out, bottom wash, winter storage, and annual membership.

Slip Rental: $200 per slip foot
Tie Along Rental: $165 per boat foot

Includes summer dockage and annual membership. Other services are available for an additional cost.

Marina Services

Only available to our members.

Launch and Haul-Out:
$9 per boat foot (under 40 feet)
$9.65 per boat foot (over 40 feet)

Bottom Wash:
$6.50 per boat foot (painted)
$9 per boat foot (unpainted)

Winter Land Storage:
$21.85 per boat foot

Annual Membership: $425

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Slips for Sale

Becoming a slip owner at Sunnyside Marina includes more than just a boat slip in Stillwater, Minnesota. As a slip owner, you will become a percentage owner of the entire corporation. This means you will own a share of the real estate, buildings, equipment, gas dock, service department, and marina store. Your slip can also be a great investment over time, as we have seen significant increases in the value of our slips with each passing year.

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