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Monday, February 18, 2019

The Port of Sunnyside Club, Inc. requires that all boats in our marina, or stored in our parking lot, have specific liability insurance coverage. We require each boat owner to carry $500,000 in boat liability insurance and we require that each certificate of liability insurance list Sunnyside Marina as an additional insured. These requirements were adopted as policy by our Board of Directors to protect all of the boats in our marina, and on our property, while also protecting the interests of the Slip Owners of the Port of Sunnyside Club, Inc., the owners of the Corporation.

Melinda is the person in charge of enforcing this policy. She spends one day each week throughout the year managing this process. It has been suggested that we simply explain to boaters that we will not launch their boats in the spring if these requirements are not met.

In general, this is exactly what we do. However, just because a boat has met these requirements on the day of spring launch does not mean the boat is covered the following day, week or month. All policies expire on different dates throughout the year. Melinda is responsible to make sure we have current certificates of liability on file at all times.

Some insurance companies are reluctant to meet our requirement to list the Sunnyside Marina as an additional insured. They will offer what they think are reasonable alternatives like, an additional interest or an additional certificate holder. These addendums do not meet our requirement and therefore cannot be accepted.

If you find yourself in this situation with your insurance company, please consider Norman-Spencer Insurance. Norman-Spencer specializes in Marine Industry Insurance. They understand our policy and will ensure that your certificate of liability insurance meets our requirements. They also offer a unique set of additional coverage for our boaters because the Port of Sunnyside Club, Inc. is a member in good standing of the Marine Retail Association of the Americas. If you are interested in a quote from Norman-Spencer you can find an application under our "News" section on our web site or feel free to call at 800-252-9597.

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